Alter Wordmark

Timeline3 Weeks

TypeTypography, Branding  

ProjectCreate the identity of a magazine through a word mark. Mark should capture the essence and topics of the magazine and its creation, this word mark will then be used as the basis of designing the rest of the magazine. This only covers the creation of the word mark.


Alter magazine was created with the purpose of having a space outside of mainstream, micro-trend and fast fashion for those looking to showcase the clothes that reflect them. Alter is a space for everyone and anyone who is discovering their fashion or already knows who they are in terms of their clothes and pushes the altering of fashion to make it more than just the trends.


First round of sketching took a more gothic font style and the name was a mix of “Alt” or “Allt” playing off alternative fashion term alt and changing it to include two Ls so it looked more like “all” for inclusion and unity. Quickly that was changed once the digital process started and the name “Alter” became the winning title.


During the digital editing, the most change is seen and the word mark comes together. By the final design we see snippets of the letter forms being cut out like clothing cuts and extensions to unify the letters into one piece. “Alter” became softer in comparison to its first ideations, but still kept the bold and unforgiveness that is being oneself.

Concept Covers Mock Ups
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